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As per the client's requirements, submission and approval of plans from authority within 20 days of registration and submission of documents for residential plot size up to 300 sqm.
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Things to Enquire Before You Select an Architects in Greater Noida

We often find people sparing no effort to create an ideal design for their dream homes. But, most of them fail to get a design ideal for their space hence wasting time money and efforts. All this happens due to their lack of knowledge about the role of an architect and their lack of proper awareness about the methodology of preparing the designs.

Previously, houses were purported just to give a shelter to people, but the actual purpose of a house evolved during the last many years, and it is meant to build a house that doesn’t only provide a roof but also resonates your dream and personality. Things are now different and people are able to build a house what they dream of. All this could be possible because of the trained and experienced architects available in Greater Noida.

But you should never be in a hurry whenever you start finding the best architects in Greater Noida because so many professionals are available at your fingertips. Here, this blog has summed up some important points that you must think about if you look forward to creating an aesthetically beautiful design for your new home.

Does the professional Architects of Greater Noida possess skills based on Past Work Reference?

This should be your first question to ask the selected architect. Ask him/her about previous projects. Check if the clients he/she has worked previously are satisfied with the architectural consultancy services provided and if the work was completed smoothly without any frequent on-site design changes. It will help you understand whether your construction project will be executed within time and budget as scheduled or not. Talking with the previous clients will also help you know about the architect’s working style. You will happen to know about his/her approach and artistic excellence.

How Hiring Architects in Greater Noida is a Wise Decision?

The construction process in Greater Noida should always be guided by an experienced architect, whose job is to create a design customized specially to cater for your specific requirements. Their role involves initially to apply a set of standard construction and design practices, purposed to ensure a smooth construction process. They develop and devise a well-examined construction plan to provide key information regarding many design aspects. They are therefore an essential part of a successful construction project.

Below are some advantages you will get after hiring the professional architect in Greater Noida:

  • They make sure the house is being constructed as per the government guidelines
  • They bring your vision to life even before the works are started on site
  • They lend their expertise to ensure the high-quality & latest material are being used during the entire process

Hiring the services from the best architects in Greater Noida helps you avoid the possibility of any architectural design related issues which you may realize after the building has been constructed. When your building is being constructed and designed under the guidance of an experienced professional, it ensures your dreams come true in all aspect which includes aesthetic, planning, space utilization and above all within your budget.

Now it comes to selecting the best professional based on the following questions, which you should never forget to ask. Put these questions before your potential architect if you want to get the most creative and experienced professional for your dream home.

How Much Time it will take to Complete the Project?

Creating an appealing design and executing the same is a collaborative endeavor. It involves so many things—right from evaluating the requirements to creating a design and meeting the guidelines set by the government. The top architects in Greater Noida initially need some time to give a shape to your vision but ensure that the entire process doesn’t eat into your time and money. Ask your architect how much time he/she will take to complete the project. Avoid those professionals who claim unrealistic time schedules—after all, it is all about your dream house.

Does the architect Have a Visionary Idea to Meet individuals’ Specific Requirements?

Some architects manage to modify their skills to meet their clients’ requirements—they hardly apply any extraordinary approach to create a unique style. To check if the selected professional suits your requirements, you should assess and evaluate if he/she has any signature style. One who claims to be the best architects in Greater Noida should have expertise in designing house with specific needs.

What Kind of Architectural Services Do You Offer In Greater Noida?

It is also important to know the type of services your selected architect offers. Some of the seasoned and experienced professionals offer almost every related service required for the construction process—right from creating a conceptual design to reviewing the ongoing process. It includes so many important things that you cannot afford to avoid which include conceptualization of design, relating design to local government by laws, envisaging realistic exteriors, providing immaculate services designs and adhering to high quality standards. You therefore need an experienced architects in Greater Noida who is good at managing the entire construction process. If you want to build a Vastu-friendly home, your architect of Greater Noida should have the knowledge of Vaastu Shastra which will help you build your dream home in lines with the basic principles of Vaastu for homes.

Can You Depict Three-Dimensional Drawings?

To understand how your home exterior or interior will look like, you need three-dimensional views to see every aspect clearly. Our experienced architects available in Greater Noida use software and other related tools to create perfect drawings, which you can rotate to see the project from different angles. You will happen to learn in advance how your proposed house will appear in the real world.

What should be The Project Completion Timeline?

It is very much important to talk about the estimated timeline. You invest your money and time in the construction project, therefore it is necessary to set a timeline to complete the project without any delay. Unnecessary delays increase the cost of the project. The best architects in Greater Noida must have an expertise to complete the project within scheduled timeline.

What is the prevailing Cost of Construction?

Before you select a professional architect and start the construction project in Greater Noida, you should also converse about the prevailing cost of construction. It will help you to decide upon and stay within your budget. Be open to your options as many architects charge different rates based on the quantum of services offered.

What are the probable Project Challenges?

Every construction project involves either some known or some unforeseen challenges—which you must address before you initiate a project. Sometimes, you may be thinking to incorporate things which might be impractical and which would increase the cost during construction if you don’t discuss about them with an experienced professional. You should openly talk about every aspect of your design in mind with your architect to ensure you take in only practical things. An experienced architects in Greater Noida would look at every aspect and then evaluate the cost involved in project. They offer the best economical solution based on your requirements and to suit your budget.

We know that selecting the best architects in Greater Noida is a challenging attempt, but you can address the challenges by finding answers to these questions and to select an experienced architect to address these basic issues before commencing your dream project.

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